JBR/MARINA/TECOM AREA (looking for room/roommates)

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  • Created On: 01 January 2016

Hello there mates! I am a 23 year-old lad working in a television company at media city and is currently looking for a roommate or room to hop in. I currently live in JBR - yeah near "The Walk" - but willing to move out if given an option. My roommate from the UK is moving out already and I'll be left so I am finding some options. Beginning - Mid of January it is, I need to sort things out. If you can be the jolliest ever - love to party, friendliest of the friendliest, loves to chit chat and laugh, it's time to join force brother! :D Message me for more details through my contact below: Whatsapp - +97155 - 387 - 8298 Cheers mates!

Listing Details

Country United Arab Emirates
City Dubai
Price/Rent 2000.00 AED
Mobile +971553878298
Listing-type Roommates
City Dubai
Smoking No Preference
Gender-requests No Preference
Pets-allowed No Preference

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