Great room with ensuite bathroom and living area on Palm Jumeirah

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  • Created On: 20 January 2016

Room with dedicated Living Room and Ensuite Bathroom for Western Expats (m/f). Dedicated Bathroom with Shower Access to beach, Pool, Gym and other facilities. Access to shared kitchen Includes Power, A/C, Internet and Cabl(DU) TV. Optional Maid Service Furnished or Unfurnished Rent can be paid monthly (7500), quarterly (22.000), semi annually (42.500) or annually (80.000). Bed Room and living area is separated from Main Apartment for 100% Privacy

Listing Details

Country United Arab Emirates
City Dubai
Price/Rent 7500.00 AED
Mobile 0505597511
City Dubai
Smoking No Preference
Gender-requests No Preference
Listing-type Roommates
Pets-allowed No Preference

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